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GREENS WORLD, Inc. designs and formulates nutritional supplement products from natural ingredients using a sound scientific foundation. Our innovative group of individuals are concerned about health and share backgrounds in nutrition, herbs, chemistry, and business. Our company's roots are anchored in family values and the golden rule.

Founded by Dr. Coco March, Greens World started from her experience.  In her practice while dealing with patients suffering of cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease Dr. March found a close link between those distressed by such infirmities and their diet.  The disease onset was usually not immediate and often could be traced to the previous 5 to 15 years.   From her experience, the link was clear that many individuals with poor eating habits for an extended period of time were much more likely to develop Chronic Ailments.  The main obstacle within their diets was regular consumption of natural fibers as well as daily intake of Fruits and Vegetables.

Dr. March recommend many different solutions for her patients, but found a common theme.  Many patients had a hard time eating the quantity of servings of fresh foods she recommended.  Additionally, many of the supplements she suggested to her patients were reported as tasting terrible. 

She took that as a challenge, creating a line of super-food powders to help those individuals with their ailments. They needed to be the same or higher quality as other suggested products, and taste much better. Greens World was born.

Today, Greens World serves not only the population with ailments, but an even broader base of health conscious consumers looking for high quality supplements with superior taste.  Besides our own brand name products, we also offer contract manufacturing & packaging to food and nutraceutical companies all over the globe. We specialize in the manufacture of dietary supplements in the forms of high antioxidant powdered drink mixes. Our laboratory analysis department can blend to the potency and efficacy of whole or standardized herbs, vitamins, minerals as well as fruits and vegetables to ensure that our customers obtain the exact taste and result they are looking for.